Boarding Facility for Happy Pets

You and your pet will love Pheasant Creek Farm Pet Resort. Known for our exceptionally clean, spacious facility (indoor and outdoor), high-quality grooming, and other helpful services, such as doggie daycare, home pet sitting and our pet taxi.  You can feel confident leaving your pet with us.

For more information or to book your pet's stay at our boarding kennel in Hilton, please call (585) 964-9288.

Pet boarding services

Dog boarding

Here at Pheasant Creek Farm Pet Resort, your pet will receive the same tender loving care we give our pets. Every day your pet will receive individual attention with one of our dedicated team members.

Our facility offers the following: 
  • Spacious 80 sq. ft. indoor/outdoor runs 
  • Climate controlled accommodations (heated & air-conditioned)
  • Large 185 x 85-foot play yard
  • Medications administered at no extra charge
  • Complete grooming room
  • Exceptional cleanliness
  • Digital picture and summary report of your pet’s vacation
  • Pamper Park – the ultimate outdoor experience (optional but a must!!)
  • 2-acre swimming pond
  • Miles of wooded walking trails
Dog boarding
Daily rates:
Single occupancy: $26.00 + tax (one hour of playtime included daily)
Double occupancy (two dogs in the same run): $37.00 + tax (one hour of playtime included daily)

Since being away from home may be stressful for some pets, we recommend that you bring  his/her own food to last the duration of their stay. If you choose to use our dog food, we carry Pedigree Brand dog food. Bedding, toys, and treats are also welcome to make your dogs stay more comfortable.

Pampered Park

Your dog's adventure begins exploring our 120 acre farm. Your pet can enjoy time swimming or hiking with one of our experienced staff members. Your pet will be leashed or harnessed on their outdoor journey. 

After one trip to our resort, your pet will be BARKING at you to take them back, so they can enjoy another exciting, fun-filled vacation with us!

Excursions are based on $20 per hour. 

Some dogs may require a different level of excersize. You can register your pets adventure into half-hour intervals on separate days. Just let us know what will work best for your furry friends.

Cat boarding

Our furry feline friends have their room to enjoy their vacation with us at Pheasant Creek Farm Pet Resort. Here they can climb on a 4-foot carpeted tower complete with scratching posts. They can lounge around enjoying the warm afternoon sunshine. We have two cat hotels for them to rest and relax in. 
Daily rates:
Single occupancy: $15.00 + tax
Double occupancy: $25.00 + tax

Since being away from home may be stressful for some cats, we recommend that you bring his/her food to last the duration of their stay. Bedding and toys are also welcome to make your cats stay more comfortable.

Rejuvenating pet spa

What vacation would be complete without a nice relaxing day at the spa? If you would like to complete your pets vacation with a standard bath or maybe our deluxe spa package, we are more than happy to accommodate. We also make appointments if you would like to simply spoil your pet and bring them in for a “spa day.”  
During your pet's spa visit, we offering the following:
  • Brush (we will brush out you pets coat) 
  • Shampoo 
  • Complete drying with every bath
  • Ear Clean 
  • Nail Clip 
Rejuvenating Pet Spa
We use Fresh 'N Clean Oatmeal and Baking Soda Shampoo with Aloe Vera. This blend of natural oatmeal, baking soda, and aloe vera work well together to wash away dirt and debris leaving the coat clean, refreshed and fragrant. 

We use this shampoo specifically to help soothe and moisturize your pets skin. Not only will their coat look beautiful, their skin will feel beautiful. 
Standard Treatment: Brush and bath - $23.00 + tax
Deluxe “Champagne” Treatment: Brush, bath, ear clean, and nail clip - $28.00 + tax

Special pet services

Home pet sitting

Everyday life can be hectic and unpredictable, we all know that. If your schedule does not permit you to be there for your pets as much as you would like, we can help. 

 If you do not want to bring your furry friends to the resort overnight and would like someone to come to your home and look after them, give us a call. For whatever reason, vacation, hectic work schedule, illness, or an emergency, your pets and home will be safe. 
Our services are different from any other pet service because we offer the following: 
Experience in taking care of all types of pets, big and small 
No lengthy itemized fee schedule 
Free “meet your pet” and key return trips 
Negotiable prices depending on type of pet 
Rates per visit: $25.00 + tax (rates may vary based on your location)

Doggie day care

All the amenities that our resort has to offer will be available to your dog when they come and spend the day at our Doggie Day Care. 

What better way for your pet to enjoy their day while you are, for whatever reason, unable to spend the day with your furry best friend. 

 You can drop your pet off in the morning on your way to work or out of town and pick them up in the evening on your way home. They can enjoy the day at Pheasant Creek Farm and not be left home alone. Call us for further details (585) 964-9288.

Rate per day: $20.00 + tax

Pet taxi

Is your schedule too hectic? Too much to do before your vacation or business trip? Don't have the time to drop your pet off? Give us a call and we will come pick them up for you! We also will deliver your pet back to your house after their phenomenal vacation with us here at Pheasant Creek Farm Pet Resort.
Rate for transportation: Please call for further information.

For exceptional pet care, call (585) 964-9288.

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